Innovation (4)

Innovation in the Foodservice Sector has never been so active or widespread. Across the industry, radical and disruptive innovation is changing the nature of foodservice and food retail.

The exponential growth in home food delivery is changing not only the way we purchase and consume food, it is also changing the way Restaurants and Food Retailers design and build their restaurants and shops.

Food supply chains across the world are becoming ever more interlinked and complex. The complexity of these networks is not however the greatest challenge for those wanting to know the origin or location of any particular food product. 

Pre-order services are now being touted as ‘essential’ services for the commercial success of hospitality, food and events management businesses. Proponents argue that by allowing customers to book, order and pay in advance, both customers and businesses benefit. Customers, they claim, can avoid lengthy queues and can also take advantage of the many loyalty schemes these businesses offer. Businesses benefit from the increased efficiency of their operations (customers are not standing in queues) and from the additional sales opportunities this creates.

Food Delivery Providers are transforming the foodservice sector with both Eat Away and Eat at Home markets affected. By providing consumers with greater choice and offering start-ups a clear path to early profitability, Food Delivery Services are guaranteed continued support from across the business world. There are however warnings from Health & Safety professionals about the lack of clear oversight and applicable standards for the protection for the public from non-vetted providers.

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